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This support group was established in the time when Dr Holt was treating patient in his own practice with radiowave therapy. Dr Holt has since retired however during the last few years of his practice he received much print and television media.

The support group played an important function during this period as a reference point for prospective patients, and was able to provide general information for persons whilst filtering the inundation of enquiries which otherwise would have completely congested Dr Holts practice.

Since Dr Holts retirement, the support group continues to receive enquiries, and in the interests of seeing Dr Holts inventive radiowave treatment made available to persons with cancer, the Support Group need to ensure his interests remain best served.

To this end it is important for you our reader to know that there is only one organisation to which it can pledge its support, and recommend to prospective patients: the Radiowave therapy research Institute.

This Institute has been established to undertake long term research into the science of radiowave therapy and the outcomes of its application. Dr Holt provides Scientific Advice to the Institute, and fully supports its research mandate. Dr Holt has no involvement nor supports any other organisation or medical practices claiming to use his methods. In fact it is to be noted that any claims made by the Hope Clinic in Melbourne in relation to Dr Holts therapies are prospectively misleading and it is to be reiterated that: The Radiowave Therapy Research Institute is the only organisation to which Dr Holt will provide advice and assist with its extensive long term research undertakings.


Radiowave Therapy Research Institute

261 Stirling Highway
Claremont WA

Phone: 61 8 9285 4000
Facsimile: 61 8 9285 4090
Email: reception@the-institute.com.au
Web: www.the-institute.com.au

Our role is a balanced perspective:

The Dr Holt Support Group has been founded by the Brereton-Johnson family after years of hard work by John Wickham and other grateful patients. As past patients we feel that with all the controversy, media, support and mixed messages out there about Dr Holt and his treatments, that our perspectives need to be heard.

If youd like to read my story, click here.

Dr Holt is our focus:

The Support Group is focused on keeping community perspectives about Dr Holt, and his treatments, balanced and well founded.

Lets talk about Dr Holt. He was a genuine innovator and in his lifetime has treated thousand of cancer patients. It must be remembered that Dr Holt has prescribed chemotherapy, radiotherapy (referred to as radiation oncology) and has been at the leading edge of many new treatments, prior to his focus on radiowave therapy. Dr Holt remains convinced that radiowave therapy has its place in the treatment of cancer, and the activities of the Radiowave Therapy Research Institute provide an appropriate forum for the long term future of the treatments.


Dr Holt is 80 years of age and his knowledge and qualifications equal any leader in the Global Medical community (refer Dr Holt Qualifications Herein).


Dr Holt resides in Perth and is a Scientific Advisor to the Institute researching his methods.


Dr Holt has become an immovable force in the face of a great deal of mainstream medical community pressure to discontinue his innovative therapies. The Ray Martin programme (A Current Affair) has been very supportive of Dr Holt (refer link below), and brought to the community solid evidence of cancer patients who have had successful long term remissions/cures. In many ways this media worked against Dr Holt as the publicity polarised the medical community; he could not treat the thousands who enquired of his services; he did not have the evidence at hand through formal research to further substantiate the media claims. The Medical community and the Government demand rigorous application to approved methods of research before they will give any credence to innovations which threaten prevailing views.


Where did this all leave Dr Holt? Simply as a Dr committed to a treatment, who did not invite the exposure, but who had to deal with the consequences of it. For instance the media exposure brought the Australian Government investigation into his therapies and the subsequent NHMRC enquiry were obviously not able to refer to relevant long term research material, as it did not exist. So what do you make of the NHMRC report? It is available through the links below. Just keep in mind that there are people like me who have been cured through Dr Holts treatment and thank heaven for forums such as this so that voices such as mine can be heard.


What are your thoughts?

If you have a view on the subject of the NHMRC report, or Dr Holt or related matters, please let us know and we can develop a readers contribution section for others to view.

If you have cancer and are considering radiowave therapy, please review the Institute web site for more information about its progress in radiowave therapy.


Good luck and thank you for your interest.


Dr Holt Bibliography

The Institute

Ninemsn (A Current Affair)

Elvina 'Dish' Johnson
Chairperson of the D.J.H.S.G

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